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Inspired by the med-bays in the movie Elysium, where patients could be diagnosed and treated for any illness in an instant. Elysium allows users to quickly and accurately analyze the risk of a mole being malignant using image recognition, and communicates these findings directly to a person's healthcare professionals for review and feedback.


A no-frills crypto tracker, easily add your portfolio and stay updated on the latest price changes via the CryptoCompare API and news updates via the News API, all packaged into a sleek and minimal Android app.


NutriTrack enables users to easily track their diet with just a simple click of the shutter. Using image recognition and the Nutrionix API, NutriTrack displays the nutritional information of the food you're eating, making tracking your diet and setting fitness goals a more seamless and passive process.


Sensationalyzed uncovers the inherent bias in the titles of news articles by analyzing each article from a user provided news organization on a certain topic (ex. foxnews.com, immigration) in the past 30 days using the WebHose news API and the Microsoft Azure's sentiment analysis API to compute a mean bias on the spectrum of negative - neutral - positive (0.0 - 0.5 - 1.0).


NextStock is a web-app dashboard where users can add the stock ticker of thousands of publicly listed companies and NextStock will provide them with real-time stock graphs, stock prices, and news reports sorted by relevance for each company, enabling users to make sound financial decisions.

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